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Computer Security - puter security they are professional hackers that break into systems and use exploits to access target systems for reasons pertaining to prevention of crime or hardening the security of a target black hat hacker a criminal who breaks into systems and promises security against the law share this page if you think you have a virus or bad software on your puter check out how to detect and get rid of malware protect your personal information don t hand it out to just anyone your social security number credit card numbers and bank and utility account numbers can be used to steal your money or open new accounts in your name puter security is the protection of puting systems and the data that they store or access see article history puter security the protection of puter systems and information from harm theft and unauthorized use puter hardware is typically protected by the same means used to protect.
other valuable or sensitive equipment namely serial numbers doors and locks and alarms puter security systems puter security is an increasingly important consideration from authentication to encryption keys learn how to keep your puter s hard drive protected and your personal information safe 1 install security software on your puter well known panies offer plenty of free options set the software to update automatically so it can deal with any new security threats while you re at it set your operating system and web browser to update automatically too related terms n in the puter industry the term security or the phrase puter security refers to techniques for ensuring that data stored in a puter cannot be read or promised by any individuals without authorization most puter security best puter security software pared 2019 the cost of cyber crime in 2017 is estimated to have been over.
5 billion dollars the chance of being a victim of cyber crime last year were very high
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